12 June 2015: I jumped off a bridge last week!

That wouldn’t fly in freedom land.

Luckily, I’m in Switzerland, where common sense reigns and I’m free to jump off whatever bridge I see fit. This particular bridge is in Bern, city of bears and capital of Switzerland. I have a friend from class who lives there, so I visited her for a day.

In the morning we did some touristy stuff, here is a picture:

2015-06-05 11.47.38In the afternoon it was about 28⁰C, so we went swimming. There is a stretch of park full of people right along the Aare river. We walked upstream, passing people’s bobbing heads dotting the water. ‘Aare you safe?’ was written on the pavement under our feet, which is a good question since public drinking is legal in this beautiful country. (Public intoxication is not.) We were safe, unless you consider jumping off a bridge unsafe.

We climbed over the railing, balancing on a support pipe two meters above the current. Yes, I know, talk about terrifying heights. “You have to make sure not to jump on anyone’s head,” I was told. This would be all kinds of not allowed in a modern U.S. metropolitan area. “Are you sure you’re a strong enough swimmer, Holly?” Uh, I think so.

Then “eins, zwei, drei” and in we went! It turns out that current was no match for me, so we got out and did it again.


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