31 March 2015: Take Two… Hopefully

There’s that feeling of returning to a place you are still learning to consider home. Returning to Lausanne, I let out the unanticipated sigh of comfort that accompanies that feeling. It tells me that I’ve put something together in my new home, and it marks change.

I haven’t written much about Lausanne and EPFL up to this point. Nope, that’s a lie, I’ve written tons. But most of what I have is thought vomit, tucked away in my messy journal in a corner of my computer. Unedited, no pictures. Not a blog post. Not for you to read. So I’m trying again. I’m going to try to put this blog together. To prove it, here is a scenic picture of Switzerland, taken from the University of Lausanne’s campus:

2015-03-24 17.51.32

A scenic landscape in Lausanne, Switzerland. Casual.

I don’t have the authority or wisdom to decide what the goal of writing is, and I’m not sure what the goal of this blog is, but I want it to be more organized than thought vomit. So, for the sake of my future self and the one other person who might read a post here and there, it’s time to get this blog’s act together and see what happens. Easier said than done, yes, so let’s see if I actually do it.


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